Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms Customers would need to complete the purchase within 30 days so you can get the commission.
Thanks for your interest in Senpai Mart's affiliate program. Below is a list of payment terms and policies for everyone's guidance. Please be advised that this section is subject to further updates and affiliates will be notified thru email.

Payment Terms And Other Policies

I. Affiliates will be paid every 30th of the month. The balance however, should be at least $50 for them to be credited. Payment will be sent to their PayPal account.

II. Affiliates must be able to sell at least three items in 90 days. Otherwise, their access as an affiliate will be terminated. They can reapply after sending a concrete social media marketing and content plan.

III. Applicants for Senpai Mart affiliate will be contacted for verification of their assets. Failure to provide a platform where they can share their custom links will result to deactivation of their affiliate access.

IV. While we encourage you to share our items, contents and web pages, affiliates are not allowed to represent Senpai Mart. Use of Senpai Mart trademarks, using our Senpai Mart logo, and making statements in behalf of Senpai are strictly prohibited. Doing so will cost them their position as a Senpai Mart affiliate.

V. Affiliates are not allowed to use their custom links in bulk or spam emails. Affiliates can pay for Google ads, Facebook ads and other advertisement for as long as they won't speak to their audience and potential leads in behalf of Senpai Mart.

VI. Affiliates can buy through their own affiliate link. However, they should not make use of Senpai Mart promo codes. Doing so will cost them their position as a Senpai Mart affiliate.

VII. Returned and refunded sales will be deducted to the affiliate's total balance. Senpai Mart will inform the affiliate about the details of the refund.

VIII. Affiliates are not allowed to make any form of statements (tweets, comments, posts, etc.) that speaks negatively about Senpai Mart, its products and services.

IX. It is also forbidden for an affiliate to associate Senpai Mart custom links on any offensive content or post it in adult-themed websites.